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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which rotisserie will fit my BBQ grill?

Why can't my BBQ Grill cook up to 450 degrees?

Do I need to put briquettes or lava rocks in my Gas BBQ?

My grill won't light. What can I do?

I tried to use my grill and there was a flashback behind the control panel. What is wrong?

Why is my regulator making a humming or whistling sound?

We are having difficulty removing the rusty screws on our bbq. What can we do?

My regulators have frost on it. Is this normal?

What are the differences between lava rocks and ceramic briquettes?

The valve appears to be loose around the burner area. Is this normal?

The bbq control valves seized up? What should I do?

What is the difference between "direct" and "indirect" cooking?

I tried to use my grill, but when I turned on the control knobs, there was a fire behind the control panel of the grill. What should I do?

What could cause uneven heat while cooking with my gas grill?

The inside of my lid is peeling.

The regulator on my portable BBQ can swivel all the way around. Is this normal?

How long will my full 20 lb. Tank of gas last?

Why are my burners rusting?

Why is my porcelain cooking grid chipping and flaking?

Should I get cast iron or porcelain-enamel cooking grates?

When Is a drip pan necessary?

The knobs on my grill have melted.

I can't find my gas hoses or side burner valve?